Like most artists I just can’t work in one medium. Other techniques and art supplies beckon! I love fabric design, home decor, quilts and fashion. A couple of years ago I started doing monotype prints. Combining watercolour with resists, pastels and ink just got me more excited about mixed media. Powdered charcoal? I had no idea how fabulous it was to work with!

In the early seventies when I was 9, I was in a split grade one, two, three, four class. I was in grade four. The grade ones had to learn how to read so I was left to amuse myself in the craft corner where there were bits of fabric. Instead of learning long division or cursive handwriting like some of my friends in other less experimental classes, I was immersed in textiles and patterns and couldn’t have been happier. I have loved fabrics ever since. I think from my first job as a window dresser combining patterns in clothing to the quilting, sketching and painting I do now I have been yearning to see my own designs on fabric.

In 2008 I began a collaboration with and have designed two tea towels for them. In 2014 I was commissioned by Exclusively Quilters, a fabric company based in New York to design a collection of quilting fabrics based on one of my paintings. In 2016 I joined Vida ( and three of my paintings are now being featured on scarves and tops. My goal is not to have my paintings just hanging in galleries but to have my  artwork featured on surfaces, day to day items, paper napkins, wrapping paper. Beautiful images shouldn’t just hang on walls, they should surround us.

“Your work is beautiful.  Do you have any work that shows a full allover pattern of one of your florals?”

– Ronda Ackerman, Creative Director, Exclusively Quilters, New York, NY

Tea Towels

For Creative Tea Towels

I designed this tea towel to reflect the 6 most popular grapes grown in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. It is available from and selected retailers and wineries.

I was commissioned to paint these hydrangeas simply because they are beautiful flowers, and would look gorgeous on a tea towel. It is available from and selected retailers and botanical gardens.


Fabric Design

For Exclusively Quilters

I had great fun designing the collection around the original yellow roses, as a quilter myself I was able to imagine what patterns I would like to combine in a quilt using the yellow roses as a starting point and then as an artist I had the joyful task of painting them! Who knew designing the stripes would be such an engaging challenge!

Quilters mosaic layout v2


Fashion Design


I have three paintings that are featured on various scarves and tops at Vida, a wonderful new online shopping experience that features original designs from artists all over the world. Visit my collection at or search Elizabeth Cox to see my designs!

Cards, Wrapping Paper and Tags

I love the looseness of the watercolour on this wrapping paper. Each piece is made by hand. My goal is to do more surface design, getting my artwork on paper napkins, plates, tablecloths!

The charm of these gift tags is that they are NOT mass produced, I turned old and unattractive paintings into new and attractive gift tags!

All of my paintings are available as cards and available at a number of galleries.

Art cards, Elizabeth Cox

Mixed Media

For Hambleton Fine Art ServicesHamilton enlargement

I enjoy combining watercolour with various resists, inks, gouache and pastels and really enjoyed creating these more neutral pieces as originals for Hambleton Fine Art Services, a gallery I joined in 2015. This wonderful gallery provides custom artwork and large scale reproductions to hotels and restaurants. I have twenty images in their digital library and many original works in their gallery. They can frame any of the original pieces in their frame shop and many interior designers buy these originals for their clients. They are also open to the public and are located at:

HFA Custom Art Services
1497 Adanac St, Vancouver, BC
Search “E Cox” to see my artwork

The following images are the types of pieces I have for sale at HFA and an example of how one of my paintings looks as a large scale reproduction on canvas.

Monotype Prints
Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal Sketch, Elizabeth Cox