Hi and welcome to my site!

When you pick up a pen or a paintbrush and set forth to express what you see in front of you on paper you make that image your own. Not only do you possess the image that you have produced but you own the journey, the moments you spent really concentrating on what you were seeing or feeling. It doesn’t matter what medium you choose to express your creativity. Art is its own reward. The journey is as precious as the product.

I paint and I draw. I make prints. I design window displays and create floral arrangements. I design textiles and quilts but perhaps the most creative thing I do is open the door to art for people who are hesitating on the threshold. Introducing watercolour to a new audience and watching my existing students gain even more confidence is a privilege.

Enjoy my site, I hope some of the joy I feel when creating these images comes through and  gives you the confidence to express your own creativity!